2001 Honda XR 650 R Stabilizer Kit

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Frame Bracket only (Bolt-on Fwd mount)  Forward mount (in front of triple clamp)
(P/N: FBD-4601-10)
Damper Manual - Mounting Instructions

FBD-4601-FWDShown here is the FWD mounted aluminum billet frame bracket for the XR650R. The FWD mount requires the use of our triple clamp in coordination with bracket due to the tight clearances. The forward mount requires relocation of the odometer to the right front triple clamp pinch bolts. An optional mounting bracket is available here online. (See our photos section for more pictures and information regarding the use of this mount).

The Scotts Stabilizer can be mounted using either the bolt-on frame bracket or the weld-on tower, depending on the user's needs. Shown here is the bolt-on bracket which is for those who just don't want to weld, or don't have the facilities to do so. Most bolt-on brackets have extensive detail machined into the underside to match all the curves and bends of the late model complex frames, both aluminum and steel. The bolt-on "fit" can vary from bike to bike depending on how much frame the factory actually gave us to work with. Most are very simple to install, but should you have any questions, we are here to help you. Each frame bracket purchase includes the floating stainless steel tower pin. The Photo attached here may be a generic photo to show you the basic component(s) in the kit, but may not be showing the exact part(s) for your specific bike. (We do not make any weld-on brackets for aluminum framed models, only steel framed bikes).
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