Warranty and Third Party Companies

PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that using mounting kits from "Third Party" companies can cause significant damage to your Scotts Steering Stabilizer and/or bodily injury to the rider, when not properly engineered. Some of these "Third Party" companies do not take into consideration all of the critical elements in designing and manufacturing these parts to work properly with each other. We are pleased that other companies in the industry are sharing and producing new ideas of their own, but if the specific required parameters are not met for proper mounting, binding can occur, causing incorrect function of the Stabilizer and may cause internal damage to the unit, or worse. We highly recommend using original Scotts Performance Products or (BRP) Billet Racing Products for your mounting brackets to ensure you are getting a reliable and trustworthy component. We fully support the product we make, but, are limited as to how much we can help, when a third party mount kit is used!! If you choose to utilize an unauthorized "Third Party" product, we will try to help you if we can, but will not be able to warranty your Scotts Steering Stabilizer should a failure occur from "third party" products. Be advised there are "knock-off" Chinese steering stabilizers as well. These do not meet our rigorous manufacturing specs and have no affiliation with Scotts Performance.