Security Information.

There is no charge for viewing or searching for information anywhere on our website.

This website is completely secure when entering your personal information! You will occasionally encounter a 3rd party warning on screen which is a standard Internet warning that appears when entering information that is not vital. As you complete your personal profile information including your credit card numbers you can be assured of complete security if the viewable "lock" is closed or the "key" is unbroken. OUR website goes into "encryption mode" when you start to enter personal information.

Scotts Performance uses a Netscape secure commerce server which works with Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers to encrypt your personal profile and credit card information as it is sent to our secure database. Encryption is the process of breaking your information into little unreadable codes as it travels over the net. If you see an unbroken key or closed lock at the bottom of your screen you can order securely with complete confidence.

In fact with the use of encryption, your credit information is much safer than when your credit card leaves your possession, as in a restaurant or gas station.

Scotts Performance Products has been in business for 25 years providing customers with quality products and service.

Privacy Policy

Scotts Performance Products is proud of their integrity and reserves your right to privacy and will share none of your personal profile information without your consent.

If you have any questions regarding security or privacy please don't hesitate to email us.