2008 Ktm Quad 525 Xc Stabilizer Kit

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Low Mount / Stabilizer Kit Complete  

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Damper Manual - Mounting Instructions
Ktm Quad BThis is a special kit in that the KTM quad frame is engineered and built, from the Factory, with the mounting brackets already in place to receive our stabilizer. The complete kit includes the stabilizer, a special shaped link arm and strut arm to match your Ktm. Three fully adjustable circuits to give the rider infinite tunability for different tracks and or terrain. This mounts in minutes and makes a serious difference on the KTM quad.

The low mount quad kit makes a major difference in the way your quad handles. Each LOW MOUNT kit is assembled for a specific model. This kit allows the Stabilizer to be mounted to the steering column in the lower front area of the frame, between the 2 front shocks. This is a bolt-on mount kit and includes pictured step-by-step instructions and all the necessary hardware for a clean, easy installation. The low mount design keeps the stabilizer out of harms way, while still being adaptable to both stock or after-market steering stems. Only the finest of materials are used for our product and the results show the maticulous quality put into each kit. Scotts Steering Stabilizers are the only dampers with 3 fully adjustable circuits and state of the art valving. Scotts Stabilizers have been on winning Baja 1000 quads. These are not the common cheap "stick-type" dampers, but sophisticated multiple valved hydraulic stabilizers that allow the user an infinite number of adjustments to match each type of terrain and condition to suit his or her needs. The Photo attached here may be a generic photo to show you the basic components in the kit, but may not be showing the exact kit for your specific bike.
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