Dual Sport Accessories

.5 amp 6/12 volt battery charger
From: $18.95

Nissin Brake Light Switch
From: $19.95

Motion Pro T6 Tire Irons
From: $24.95

Clean Speed Cable Guide (Top Mount)
From: $29.95

Cable Guide SUB Universal (fits left or right side)
From: $21.95

Enduro Engineering Roll Chart Holder
From: $29.95

Battery Tender Alligator Clips
From: $9.95

Battery Tender 25ft Extension
From: $14.95

Battery Tender 2-bank system

Nuetech Tubless Tire System
From: $99.95

Battery Tender Quick Disconnect
From: $12.95

SICASS Multi-Function Bar Switch
From: $64.95

KTM Grab Handle
From: $39.95

MSR Fanny Pack Tire Iron
From: $17.95

MSR Universal Computer Mount
From: $34.95

Moose Rear Fender Pack

Moose Removable Dual Sport Pack

Moose Dual Sport Fender Pack

Moose Rear Fender Tool Pack

Moose Spare Tube Fender Pack

Moose Number Plate Trail Pack

Noco Genius G1100 Battery Charger
From: $53.95

Cruz Tools Economy Metric Tool Kit
From: $59.95

Cruz Tools Roadtech Tool Wrap Metric
From: $99.95

Moose Rider Wrench by Fredette
From: $21.95

Quick Strap
From: $19.95

Battery Tender Jr. Lead or Lithium
From: $39.95

Motion Pro 9 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
From: $18.95

Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2
From: $16.99

DMP Fuse Stalk Turn Signal
From: $29.95

DMP Fuse Flush Mount Turn Signal
From: $26.95

Baja Designs Long Wire Turn Signal
From: $19.95

Double Take Mirror Kit
From: $50.00

Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer KTM with Radiator Screw Temp Sensor
From: $279.95

Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer KTM/HUS with Radiator Hose Temp Sensor
From: $279.95

Giant Loop Coyote 2 Saddlebag

Evans High Performance Coolant
From: $47.95

Evans Powersports Coolant
From: $34.95

Mini Stalk Turn Signals
From: $14.95

Battery Tender Plus
From: $64.95

Pro Race Designs KTM RFS Drain Plugs

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag
From: $49.95

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