Dual Sport Accessories

.5 amp 6/12 volt battery charger
From: $18.95

Nissin Brake Light Switch
From: $19.95

Motion Pro T6 Tire Irons
From: $35.00

Clean Speed Cable Guide (Top Mount)
From: $30.00

Cable Guide SUB Universal (fits left or right side)
From: $22.00

Enduro Engineering Roll Chart Holder
From: $34.95

Battery Tender Alligator Clips
From: $9.95

Battery Tender 2-bank system

Nuetech Tubless Tire System
From: $99.95

Battery Tender Quick Disconnect
From: $12.95

SICASS Multi-Function Bar Switch
From: $64.95

KTM Grab Handle
From: $39.95

MSR Fanny Pack Tire Iron
From: $17.95

MSR Universal Computer Mount
From: $34.95

Moose Rear Fender Pack

Moose Dual Sport Fender Pack

Moose Rear Fender Tool Pack

Moose Spare Tube Fender Pack

Moose Number Plate Trail Pack

Noco Genius G1100 Battery Charger
From: $53.95

Cruz Tools Economy Metric Tool Kit
From: $59.95

Cruz Tools Roadtech Tool Wrap Metric
From: $99.95

Moose Rider Wrench by Fredette
From: $21.95

Quick Strap
From: $19.95

Battery Tender Jr. Lead or Lithium
From: $49.95

Battery Tender 25ft Extension
From: $34.00

Motion Pro 9 Piece Metric Hex Key Set
From: $19.95

Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2
From: $16.99

DMP Fuse Stalk Turn Signal
From: $29.95

DMP Fuse Flush Mount Turn Signal
From: $26.95

Baja Designs Long Wire Turn Signal

Double Take Mirror Kit
From: $70.00

Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer KTM with Radiator Screw Temp Sensor
From: $279.95

Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer KTM/HUS with Radiator Hose Temp Sensor
From: $279.95

Giant Loop Coyote 2 Saddlebag

Evans High Performance Coolant
From: $47.95

Evans Powersports Coolant
From: $34.95

Mini Stalk Turn Signals
From: $14.95

Battery Tender Plus
From: $64.95

Pro Race Designs KTM RFS Drain Plugs

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag
From: $55.00

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