Klim Gear
Klim gear has emerged as the undeniable leader in all-weather riding gear through snow and dirt. Based in Rigby, Idaho - the center of some of the world's best riding country - Klim has been designing the most advanced technical riding gear for today's aggressive snowmobile riders and dirt bike riders for over a decade. Klim gear uses the most innovative materials and the latest technologies to deliver versatile power sports gear that is lighter, faster, and stronger.

Klim Adventure Glove
From: $89.99

Klim Dakar Glove
From: $39.95

Klim Dakar Pant ITB
From: $179.95

Klim Dakar Pant OTB
From: $199.00

Klim Inversion Glove
From: $49.99

Klim Krew Pak
From: $135.99

Klim Mojave Glove
From: $39.95

Klim Mojave Jersey
From: $54.95

Klim Mojave Pant ITB
From: $169.95

Klim Mojave Pant OTB
From: $189.95

Klim Nac Pac
From: $95.99

Klim Revolt Jersey
From: $45.99

Klim Stow Away Jacket
From: $199.95

Klim Tek Vest
From: $269.95

Klim Traverse Jacket
From: $299.95

Klim Traverse Jacket
From: $299.99

Klim Traverse Pants
From: $299.95

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