Computers and Dashboards
This page shows you an assortment of different styles of computers and their mounts for various uses. Each mounting of a computer is unique to the conditions of the bike being used, so it's a good idea to look at as many mounts on this page as you can to gather the information as to the best way to mount your particular system. We call the billet mounts that house the computers, "dashboards", which are designed for making your computer mounting easier and well protected from the elements. In many cases there is no specific mounting procedure but mounting is relatively simple as each application has different requirements. Follow the basics and use common sense and mounting a computer can be very easy. The most common error we see is not allowing enough room for the front brake cable to route properly around the computer. Of course you can always call us if you have any questions.

Adaptiv Technology GPS mount
From: $85.00

BRP adjustable ICO mount only
From: $99.95

Dashboard for dual Ico computers
From: $-1.00

Dashboard for single Ico computer
From: $59.95

Dashboard only (fits Checkmate computer)
From: $109.00

Dashboard only (fits Pacemaker computer)
From: $99.00

Dashboard only (fits Watchdog computer)
From: $79.95

Dashboard only for Panoram
From: $59.95

ICO computer with dashboard
From: $-1.00

Watchdog Computer only

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