Lithium-Ion Batteries and Accessories
Antigravity “Small Case” models offer the most power & performance in the most compact size of any lithium-ion motorsports battery on the market. Our powersports batteries can serve many purposes. Great fit for Custom motorcycles. Useful as the smallest, lightest battery solution for Race vehicles (cars, motorcycles, more) to save space & weight. The power levels of our Small Case lithium batteries range from 120 to 480 Cranking Amps, which can start some of the largest V-Twins and Race Cars – yet the battery is only 4 lbs!

The award winning MICRO-START by Antigravity Batteries was the FIRST lithium-ion mini jump-starter on the market, and still leads the way as BEST in the business. The MICRO-START can jump-start vehicles & charge your Electronics such as Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, GoPro Cameras and much more. It even has a built-in flashlight with flash patterns. ALL Micro-Starts come in a Carry Case as a complete kit with all accessories for charging and jump-starting included. Just charge it and take a Personal Power Supply wherever you go. No electric outlet needed… Take us on your next Adventure

From: $199.99

From: $179.95

Battery Tender Jr. Lead or Lithium
From: $49.95

Lead Acid Batteries too

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