Bar Ends
The next generation Bar End is here. Made from glass filled poly-carbonite the bar
end itself is tough and provides a “No-Marr” texture which is good news for the side of your van
or truck. These feature an integrally expandable elastomer tightening system that fits all
current Aluminum bars. These are built to be used with or without brushguards and compliment
either application. Due to it’s unique design it allows cleaner attachment for most brush guard
applications including Acerbis Rallye guards and most Aluminum brush guards. It eliminates the
ugly mis-match between grip and brush guard and even makes maintenance to grips and throttle
faster and easier. Sold as a pair.

Bar Ends for Aluminum Bars (Pair)
From: $19.95

Bar Ends for Steel Bars (Pair)
From: $19.95

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