What the Pro's think of the World's Finest Steering Stabilizer

Dirt Bike Magazine:
"Having one of these is almost like cheating! The smartest thing we ever did was put a Scotts Damper on!"

MotoCross Action:
"The most advanced, high tech, well-made and adjustable steering control in the world!"

Dirt Rider:
"This little gem is worth every penney! Completely removed headshake and improved the bikes manners everywhere. One of the best investments we've made!"

MotoCross Action:
"One of the ten best products ever, you can't live without it... it really works!"

Ty Davis ... Multiple Time National Hare and Hound Champion
"I've ridden all forms of off-road racing and tried the other dampers... there is no question that SCOTTS Steering Stabilizer is far and away the best there is."

Mike Lafferty ... Four time National Enduro Champion 1998
"I used the [other brand] and knew if I was going to win, I needed the SCOTTS damper."

Randy Hawkins ... Six Time National Enduro Champion
"I was very skeptical until I tried it! I used the other brands, and there is no question, SCOTTS damper is the best."

Destry Abbott ... Two Time ISDE Gold Medal Winner, Only American to win Overall Special Test, Mutiple National Hare and Hound Champion
"It would have been very difficult to get to ISDE without my SCOTTS damper."

Scott Plessinger... Multiple Time GNCC Champion
"To compete with the best, you need the best equipment. Scotts Steering Stabilizer is the finest working damper on the market and has the most features. The others don't even come close."

Larry Roeseler... Ten Time Baja 1000 Winner & Off-road Living Legend
"Kawasaki has won eight Baja 1000 events in a row. Scotts Steering Stabilizer has been on our KX500 every time we crossed the finish line. I won't race without one... Desert or Enduro!"

Doug Blackwell... 2 time National Hare Scrambles Champion
"Most guys I race with don't know what an advantage the Scotts Damper is."

Paul Krause...Multiple Baja 1000 Overall Winner
"You're just plain crazy not to be using one of these Dampers."

Malcolm Smith... Living Legend
"I've been using a SCOTTS damper for nine years now... what a great product."

Race Tech's Paul Thede
"This is a truly amazing product."

  • Easy Installation
  • Fits any off-road motorcycle
  • Adjustable while riding
  • Moves easily from motorcycle to motorcycle
  • "The Single Best Investment You Can Make For Your Motorcycle"

    Some other riders who use the Scotts Damper:

    Dick Burleson - Ten Time National Enduro Champion
    The Seven National Hare & Hound Championships 1990-1997
    Three Times World Motocross Four Stroke Championships
    Ricky Johnson - Former Multi-Time Supercross Champion
    Danny LaPorte - Former 250cc World Motocross Champion
    Tommy Norton - Multi-time NETRA Champion
    George Waller Jr. - Multi-time Setra Champion
    Johnny Campbell - 1997-99 Baja 1000 winner
    Steve Hengeveld - Multi-time Best in the Desert Champion
    Rich Lafferty - NETRA and GNCC
    Jason Dahners - ISDE
    Duane Connors - GNCC
    Matt Stavish
    Josh Mclevy
    Russ Pearson
    FMF Racing
    Tom Webb
    Keith Johnson
    Brian Deegan
    Tim Shepard
    Greg Zitterkopf
    Nick Pearson
    Scot Harden
    Rex Staten
    Team Green
    Team Honda
    Team KTM
    SCR Racing