2013 Kawasaki EX 300 Ninja Stabilizer Kit

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Stabilizer Kit Complete (weld on type)  (requires minor welding)
(P/N: RS-60-0058-40S)
*** Optional Accessories ***
Stabilizer Security Bolt Kit - Your damper is much safer against theft when mounted with our security drive bolts. kit includes 2 damper mounting bolts and 1/4 drive bit. $9.00
Damper Manual - Mounting Instructions

Kaw EX250R 08-09Due to the design of this frame, this particular kit requires minor welding in order to attach the frame bracket to the frame. This is a fairly simple operation but should be done by a qualified welder. We provide step by step pictured instructions and 2 small welds on each side of the frame bracket are all that is needed. The stabilizer substantially improves handling and steering on this model.

The road bike kits are machined to match exact features of your bike. Each mounting kit is specific to a certain bike. This is one of the best products you can put on a road bike, improving steering, stability, handling and safety considering all the hazards one can face on the road. We have meticulously assembled each kit so they come complete with all the necessary hardware to mount your steering stabilizer. Most kits require only minutes to install. The kit pictured and the majority of kits include: a Stabilizer, link arm, Triple Clamp nut, Frame Bracket, Tower Pin, TC Damper Mount, instruction manual and applicable hardware. You can view many of the assembled kits on this site via the "photos" tab.
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